May 2018 Club Vino Selections

Libertine Acid Freak Rosé 2017

Portland, Oregon
Retail $24

What to expect

Sight: Dark (for a Rosé) cherry or strawberry, little hazy or cloudy (unfiltered)
Smell: underripe cherry, strawberry, watermelon
Taste: High acidity (mouth watering)
Pairings: A warm sunny day!

This story starts with a gentleman named Alex Neely. Who, like many of us, stumbled into the food and beverage industry by accident, quickly falling in love. In the late 90’s he dabbled in different wine positions but it wasn’t until Teutonic Wine Company where he truly found his stride. Now he is the assistant winemaker for Teutonic and is producing some of the most exciting wines in Portland.

Libertine Wines is Alex’s side project, an outlet to experiment and express his own excitement and curiosities. His 2017 Rosé is a blend of Dolcetto and Riesling! Both of which were fermented separately and then blended. This wine is unfiltered, unfined and does not contain any weird additives.

This is one of the most interesting Rose’s we have come across. Just having ‘Dolcetto, Riesling and Rose’ in the same sentence is exciting enough for us to be hooked. As we searched for a Rosé to celebrate Spring, this wine continued to stand out. Plus we can’t stop looking at the label. There’s more than a slight chance you’ll find one of us on a hot day, chilling on Mt. Tabor with this wine.

Christophe Thorigny Vouvray 2015

Vouvray, France
Retail $18

What to expect

Sight: Yellow golden color, clear and transparent
Smell: Baked apples, lemon curd, bananas
Taste: High acidity (mouthwatering), dry and crisp with medium body and finish
Pairings: Very versatile – fatty fish, grilled vegetables, stewed or baked chicken

Vouvray is a wine growing appellation in France that is located in the greater Loire Valley. The only sanctioned grape in Vouvray is Chenin Blanc, a white grape varietal that is found across the world but is mostly known for its high quality, rich, super acidic wines from Vouvray. This grape varietal shows tremendous versatility and can be found in various styles from dry to sweet and even sparkling.

Christophe farms according to the principle of “lutte raisonnée” or minimal intervention. He keeps his yields low by pruning the vines during growing season in order to retain a greater concentration in flavor. This wine is fermented in stainless steel tanks, with different parcels fermenting separately. After fermentation, Christophe blends the various wines to create his final product. Dependent on the vintage, he will either make a sweet, sparkling or dry wine. This 2015 vintage ended up being dry.

While giving it some thought, we wondered what we all love but have not tried in a long time. Vouvray! We tasted various Chenin Blancs from this region and finally came across this gem. After spending some time with this wine in our glass, we really fell in love and has to share with our May Wine Club.

Loop de Loop Cherry Grove Vineyard Pinot Noir, 2015

Willamette Valley, Oregon
Retail $27

What to expect

Sight: Light in color, hazy (unfiltered), deep ruby
Smell: Rich black cherries, turned wet soil, dried roses
Taste: Dry, slight notes of oak (cinnamon and spice), ripe cherries
Pairings: Anything with friends and family

Another amazing wine that has come out of the SE Wine Collective. However, this one is particularly special. Our good friend and colleague, Julia Bailey, has been making the ‘Loop de Loop’ wines since 2012 but her winemaking resumé is filled with many big names like Argyle, Patricia Green Cellars and Love & Squalor.

The Cherry Grove vineyard is located on the Oregon coast range, at 250’ to 550’ in elevation. As tasted through this wine, the vineyard has great potential to produce some amazing, high quality Pinot Noir. This wine sat on the lees (or dead yeast cells) for 23 months in neutral oak barrel and after a couple of months in the bottle, it finally was released to the public!

This is our nod to the change of weather. The Plavac Fresh is a bright and lively red just in time for Spring and our returning sunshine. Get outside and enjoy the flowers blooming, soak up some rays. You would be surprised how refreshing red wine can be if you put a slight chill on it! This wine also gives you the opportunity to discover Croatia wines, which are well-hidden gems.